#10 - Prepare Your Home For Sale

Fix any of those little things that have been sitting on your honey-do-list.  You may want to consider painting the walls neutral colors.    Many buyers can't look past purple walls, crayon drawings on the walls or scuff marks.  Also, fix those dripping faucets, broken door knobs, or any other items that you've been living with but you've been wanting to get to.  What may be a $50 repair for you, will appear to a buyer to be a $300 problem.  

#9 - First Impressions Matter

Many times, buyers will drive by a house prior to making an appointment to see it.  Make the first impression matter with beautiful curb appeal.  Pressure wash the house and driveway, mulch flower beds and plant fresh flowers.  Curb appeal will make them feel welcome and make them want to come inside.  

#8 - Take the Home Out of Your House

Remove as many personal items as possible from your house, such as pictures or kid's artwork.  The more personal items you have around then the harder it is for the buyer to picture their stuff in your home.  Also, sometimes buyers will get distracted looking at pictures to see if they know the owners.  If there's lots of pictures then that more time they'll spend looking at your pictures rather than your house.

#7 - Declutter

A house always looks larger when there's less stuff in it.  You're moving anyway so go ahead and pack up all the unnecessary items.  You may even want to have a yard sale just before putting your house on the market and sell all those things that you've been wanting to get rid of anyway.  Walk through your house as a buyer would and make sure there's nothing blocking the walk ways.  You may have to rearrange furniture so there's a better flow through the room. 

#6 - Kitchens Sell

The most important room for most buyers is the kitchen.  Make those counter tops, sink and appliances shine.  If needed, paint a neutral color to help add a clean, bright feeling.  You should also clear off the counters by removing any unneeded appliances, canisters, etc.  It's ok to have some items on the counters if they brighten up the kitchen.  A bowl of fresh fruit on the breakfast bar is always a good idea.

#5 - Light It Up

Maximize the light in your home.  Next to location, buyers have listed good light as a main thing they look for in a home.  Remove heavy drapes, wash the windows and change/replace light bulbs.  When you know a showing is scheduled, turn on all the lights.  Some buyer's agents will do this when they arrive but others will not.

#4 - Put Away the Pets

You may love your sweet pets but buyers may not.  I've had buyers that wouldn't enter a house because they were afraid of the sweet little dog inside and I've had buyers run screaming from a kids bedroom once they saw the pet tarantula.  When you have showings, ask a friend or family member if you can house your pets with them until after the showings.

#3 - Find Your Bottom Line

You can get a rough idea of your home's value but looking at recent sales in the area.  Once you have this, subtract 7-10% for agent fees and closing costs and then see what's left to pay off your mortgage and taxes.  This will give you an idea whether you can sell for enough to pay off your mortgage.  

#2 - Price Your House to Sell

Most home owners are very proud of their homes and feel that it should bring top dollar.  Buyers, however, have no emotional attachment to your house and see a lot of houses that they'll compare yours to.  If you overprice your home and expect that if a buyer really likes it then they'll make an offer, then your home will probably be on the market for a long time.  Most buyers will just move on to another house that is price right.  Don't waste time on the market, price it correctly from the beginning and it'll sell a lot quicker and potentially even have multiple offers.

#1 - Always Be Ready to Show 

You never know when the call is going to come in that a buyer would like to see your house, so keep it "show-ready" at all times.  If you're not ready for a showing and turn them away then they may not reschedule.  Don't leave dirty dishes on the counter, empty the dishwasher, keep the bathrooms sparkling, keep the furniture and fans dusted, vacuum regularly and keep the kids toys, pet toys, etc. picked up.


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