What's the difference between a single family home, townhome (townhouse), villa or condo?  Everyone has a different lifestyle and I recommend that you consider your lifestyle when considering the type of home that you purchase.  Some people are gardeners, some are travelers and some just like not having to worry about repairs.

Single Family Home For the gardeners, do-it-yourself people and those who like more privacy, I recommend a single family home.  This is a stand alone house with a small to large lot.  With a single family home you usually have to maintain your own lawn and you will be responsible for all maintenance on the house.  There are some maintenance free houses where the HOA (home owners association) will have the lawn maintained, edged and shrubs trimmed but those aren't typical.  Some houses are located in deed restricted communities with an HOA and others will be outside of planned developments with no restrictions other than county imposed.  

Townhome If you want an outside area with little to no maintenance then a townhome may be right for you.  A townhome is a unit connected to multiple other units, they are typically two or more stories and usually have a small back patio.  Most townhomes will have the exterior maintenance, including roof and painting, covered by the HOA and some even cover the exterior insurance.  It's important to ask what all is actually covered by the HOA.

Villa If you love the idea of maintenance-free but don't like the idea of stairs then you may want to consider a villa.  A villa is typically a one-story building with two residences side-by-side.  These homes have all the exterior maintenance done for you but allows a little more privacy than a townhome since they are only connected to one neighbor.  Many villas also allow for a screened lanai which is very popular in Florida homes.  Like the townhome, you always want to verify what the HOA covers.

Condo If you are looking for a second home or you're looking for a simpler lifestyle then take a look at condos.  With a condo, the exterior maintenance, roof repairs and exterior insurance are covered with the condo fees.  Many condo communities include a community pool and fitness center.  There are a couple difference styles of condos.  Some will have one main entrance into the building with all the unit entrances inside the building.  Other condos will have exterior private entrances and may even have a private garage.  The condo association fees may be a little higher but these fees will cover all maintenance and exterior insurance, also the property taxes will be less than the other style of homes because you don't own any land with the unit.

I hope this answers your questions about townhome vs condo or villa.  If you have any other questions feels free to call or email me.